About BAF

Bangalore Apartments’ Federation(BAF) is the single largest collaborative collective of apartment associations across the city of Bengaluru – with a membership of more than 860 apartment complexes, BAF represents the interests of more than 1.75 Lakh households with more than a million citizens residing or working there. BAF promotes adoption of sustainable living practices within member apartments in their community life. The Federation believes in proactive engagement with government and civic institutions and interacts with them in a spirit of partnership & cooperation to find mutually acceptable solutions to the benefit of community at large.

What is BAMBOOS ?

BAMBOOS is BAF’s flagship annual event which brings together multiple stakeholders on a single platform to discuss, engage, share, showcase and collaborate over multiple themes and topics towards contributing to a better Bengaluru. It is an annual celebration of the role of the apartment-resident in shaping the future of urban-living in the city of Bengaluru.

BAMBOOS 2020 – Responsible, Resilient & Responsive Apartment Communities

Apartment communities in Bengaluru have always displayed tremendous amount of responsibility in adopting sustainable, balanced and efficient lifestyles while contributing towards Brand Bengaluru and ensuring its environmental and ecological balance. Apartments are also one of the safest residential communities and a melange of cultural diversity and civic engagement. In the past few months, the forced advent of Covid-19 has also provided an opportunity for apartments to display resilience in preventing any massive community spreads as well as responding proactively to the people who were affected by the pandemic.

As we head to the next decade and with Covid-19 having declared a new normal, it is imperative that urban living in Bengaluru will provide opportunities and challenges in equal measure. By 2030, with every second person in Bengaluru expected to be living in a multi-storey residential structure, apartment communities will need to brace themselves up to play a lead role towards a better and beautiful Bengaluru. BAMBOOS 2020 will bring together representatives from the government, bureaucracy, civic-agencies, expert-groups, non-profit organizations, media, management-committees of apartments and of course the apartment residents to re-imagine the Bengaluru of the next decade – powered by Responsible, Resilient and Responsive Apartment Communities.


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12th & 13th, Dec 2020