The BAF Hasiru Program

BAF has been running multiple programs and campaigns to support their member communities become resource efficient and environmentally sensitive – “BAF Hasiru” aims to bring together all these efforts to an integrated, scalable, collaborative program which can help Residential Apartment Communities become efficient, conscious and progressive in their environmental citizenship.

With BAF Hasiru, BAF will help and guide resident apartment communities to become:

Resource Efficient
Efficient buildings which run in an economically sustainable manner

Climate Conscious
Discerning home-buyers, owners, residents who are aware and educated about climate change and consequences

Community Influencers
Community of citizens who are Influencing change in the thought, action and leadership amongst other communities within Bengaluru and other cities

BAF Hasiru will bring together Knowledge, Engagement and Solutions which will help apartment and villa communities learn and implement tangible Hasiru (Green) interventions at their residential complexes.

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